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2012-04-11 01:31:21 by powercheif

Ok, so I havent really been working on so much these last couple of years, but I'm taking a flash class right now and I have uploaded my second project on to this site! I hope whoever watches my flash will give some good feedback!


2009-06-02 00:55:52 by powercheif

hello everyone, i got my flash in earlier today and i wanted to say its very nice once you get to know it. anywho i started to practice for abit and i made a little flash with nuthing but a wireframe toon with a little flying thingy(i dont know wut that call it.) well it'll be on youtube so check it out!.

ok so youtube is being pretty gay right now, but hopefully i'll have it up soon!


2009-05-31 04:41:31 by powercheif

hello i am begining to start up on a flash program i am getting flash CS4 right now and ill have it soon. i have never used flash before and was hoping if anyone can hlp a beginner out in this.
plz and ty.